Stacey’s Story

Stacey and Andy got married on 4th November last year, at Bilton House in Harrogate, with a reception at a village country inn in Kirkby Fleetham. The run-up to the day was filled with planning and lots of DIY, as Stacey threw herself into making the bunting, flowers, invitations, and favours. Everything was going to plan, until disaster struck twelve days before the wedding with a dress that didn’t fit!

In desperation, Stacey reached out to WED2B Liverpool, who assured her they would do everything they could to help. She came to the store in a panicked state, but was quickly reassured by our experienced staff, who’ve had their fair share of nervous and worried brides visit them! Stacey was able to try on four dresses and fell in love with dress number three, the Dolly from our Heidi Hudson collection.

Priced at just £299, the Dolly is a beautiful gown full of vintage elegance, and a touch of 1920s embellishment on the waist and pretty cap sleeves. The dress fit in beautifully with the rustic, vintage style of Stacey and Andy’s wedding, complementing the bride’s choice of jewellery and the groom’s outfit of tweed and moleskin.

Stacey and Andy both grew up in the country, and they wanted to bring the outdoors inside with a woodland picnic style reception. The groom made the ring bow from a tree branch, and the table centrepieces from a tree trunk. The bride decorated jars containing twinkling tealights with twine, lace, and pearls, and hurricane vases filled with pinecones and fairy lights were placed around the venue.

The happy couple chose to serve an afternoon tea for their wedding breakfast, with favours of homemade raspberry and damson jam. In the evening, fish and chips were served, followed by everybody dancing the night away to the fabulous band Colour Blue.

After a desperate search for the perfect dress, WED2B were able to provide Stacey with the silver lining she needed. The fantastic service she received from our team at WED2B Liverpool meant that she was able to get excited again about her big day, and everything went perfectly. If you want us to help you find the dress of your dreams, whether you’ve got months to go or just a couple of weeks, we’re always happy to help every bride-to-be that walks through our doors!