Wonderland: Winter Wedding Ideas

Planning a winter wedding? Here’s our guide full of advice and winter wedding ideas to make your celebration a magical wonderland to remember. When we asked our brides-to-be what season they were getting married in* an equal 23% had booked spring or autumn, 43% choose summer, while 11% were having a winter wedding. So, if […]

Our Autumn wedding ideas

Autumn is a great time of the year to get married. The colours of the season are vibrant, with deep and luxurious russet tones of yellow, green, orange and gold. Read on for our autumn wedding ideas for your seasonal celebration! Colour and Contrast Our real bride Lauren featured rich and bright colours in her […]

Have A Little Fun With A Photobooth!

Whether your wedding is going to be traditional, unusual, vintage or retro, or an intimate event with a few close friends, you’ll want to record the day, and no doubt spend many hours browsing through the photos years later. You’ll want to remember the things that made you smile, the people who attended, the antics […]

Keep The Vicar Happy With Petal Confetti!

If the venue you have selected doesn’t allow you to throw paper confetti, have you considered using a natural alternative? It’s worth asking if they will allow real flower petals. Having seen the sorry mess that some confetti leaves on the ground, squiggling into otherwise beautiful settings and leaving soggy mounds on the carefully mown […]

wedding fairy lights

Illuminating Inspiration

Whatever the colour, whatever the theme, and whatever season your wedding is to take place, one of the major considerations is the lighting. Lighting can really make or break the whole mood and atmosphere, taking it to a different level. With the right kind of lighting, you can create warmth and feeling, or something cool […]

Candlelight And Chandeliers

If you’re an avid reader, you may have romantic notions of a wedding straight out of the nineteenth century, just like one of your favourite characters. Maybe Jane Austin inspires you and you dream of walking down the aisle in a long, low cut dress, accompanied by a dashing Darcy? Or do Poldark’s rugged beauty […]

Lace And Lavender

You can’t get much more nostalgic and romantic than lace, apart from one thing – lace combined with lavender. Lavender is a flower that conjures up images of long, hazy evenings, and daydreaming on a summer day, its sweet fragrance wafting on a breeze…and its delicate beauty can be used in umpteen different ways at […]

The Wedding Cake Revolution!

You can’t have your cake and eat it – or can you? Often the cake doesn’t get eaten at all at many weddings, with guests groaning after having eaten more than enough at the reception meal. Toasting the bride and groom is all the wedding guest can do on a full stomach, and many choose […]

A Wedding With A Difference…

If you’ve been to one too many weddings with a pastel colour theme, you may be ready for a change. Elegant shades of white and pink may not be your idea of who you truly are. Of course there’s nothing remotely wrong with it if you do what that particular colour scheme, and a beautiful […]

White Wedding Tea Lights

The Magic Of Candles!

It’s almost like lighting makes or breaks the atmosphere of your wedding. Of course there is much more to the feel of your wedding than just the contribution of the lighting, but it does do a lot for the mood of the venue. Harsh white lights make the room feel cold, whilst cosy lighting gives […]