The WED2B guide to wedding veils

Will you be wearing a veil on your big day? It’s a simple accessory but wedding veils have the power to completely transform your look, adding real glamour and ‘wow’ factor. Our Amixi accessories collection offers 4 veil lengths with or without a blush (the delicate layer that sits over the face). Each veil is […]

The Edit: Lace Wedding Dresses

Lace is such a versatile material. It can look chic and contemporary or cute and vintage. Some laces add subtle, understated prettiness while others add wow factor, glitter and sparkle. To help you choose we’ve narrowed it down to our five favourite lace wedding dresses (not easy!). Here’s why we love them… Pretty as a […]

Spotlight on… Austen by Anna Sorrano; a vintage wedding dress dream

Classic, elegant and with a touch of that 1950s’ Grace Kelly magic, our new Austen gown by Anna Sorrano is the perfect vintage wedding dress. Exclusive to WED2B and new in stores this week, this luxurious strapless style is a true tribute to Hollywood’s Golden Age.  All in the details Austen’s clean bodice and full-skirted silhouette is […]

Bring Out Your Inner Vintage Queen With Lace!

There are many different kinds of lace, and for most people it is a delicate and beautiful expression of artistry, which can be used for decoration in numerous ways ranging from clothing to interior design. Once, lace used linen, silk, or gold and silver threads, but today it is more likely to be a machine-made […]

Finding the right dress for you

Having thoroughly saturated yourself with magazines, online searches, and every conceivable way of finding the perfect dress, you can start to look for the one that you have decided is the dream dress for you. By this time, you may have become somewhat bewildered by the massive choice available; fishtail, tea-length, sweetheart necklines, strapless, backless, […]

The Lowdown On Veils!

One of the last things to choose to complete your bridal outfit is your veil. You might decide not to have a veil, and that, of course, is entirely up to you. If your dress is so perfect that you don’t want to spoil the effect then don’t worry, just go with your gut feeling […]

Victoriana Style

A lot of blame is laid at the feet of Queen Victoria, but she did reign in England for a very long time and she did inspire a lot of beautiful things. In fact, she was the one who first put the royal stamp of approval on the idea of getting married in a white […]

Lace And Lavender

You can’t get much more nostalgic and romantic than lace, apart from one thing – lace combined with lavender. Lavender is a flower that conjures up images of long, hazy evenings, and daydreaming on a summer day, its sweet fragrance wafting on a breeze…and its delicate beauty can be used in umpteen different ways at […]

Glitter And Style!

Did you grow up loving everything that sparkled? When it was pouring with rain outside, usually during the school holidays, did you dress up and raid your mother’s jewellery box or your grandmother’s dressing table, hunting for all the glittery things that you could lay your hands on? Did you loved the shiny brooches that […]

A Very Scottish Wedding

Belts can give a very elegant finish to a dress, and create a stunning silhouette which really enhances the wow factor! Claire chose a dress with a silver sash, embellished with beautiful floral appliqué, which looked fabulous. She chose the dress, which is called Gaynor, from WED2B’s vintage-inspired Viva Bride collection, and you must admit […]