Our adorable Infinite flower girl dresses

There are few things cuter than flower girl dresses at a wedding! Our Infinite designs are no exception; think soft tulle ballerina skirts, delicate laces and plenty of princess touches.  Why not ask your daughter or a younger relative to scatter petals ahead of you as you make your entrance? Or they could walk down the aisle hand in hand with one of your older bridesmaids or […]

bride getting ready on wedding day

The Lowdown On Bridesmaids! Part Four- The Duties!

It may be that your bridesmaids have done it before – however, if this is the first time, then you both want some guidance as to what is expected. Once upon a time, bridesmaids dressed like the bride in order to confuse any demons lurking around who wanted to cause havoc, but nowadays they can […]

Angelic Flower Girls

If you have the opportunity, having a little flower girl at your wedding is the perfect way to add a cute factor to your bridal procession. It’s the perfect way to include your younger relatives or close friends’ children into your day, in a totally adorable way! Flower girls are generally aged between four and […]

Child-Friendly Weddings- Part 3

Having a kids’ table can be a recipe for disaster unless you have a responsible adult supervising it. Even then, many children in a strange place and with strange people will not be happy being parked with someone who endeavours to ‘supervise’. The younger they are, the louder they will probably protest! Many parents want […]

Child-Friendly Weddings – Part 2

Your wedding day is meant to be a day when everyone can relax and enjoy seeing family and friends – but it can be really stressful if you’re in command of lively little kids who have no respect for the occasion! It is a new experience for most of them and one to be enjoyed, […]

Child-Friendly Weddings – Part 1

You absolutely love your little nephews and nieces, but based on your babysitting experiences you know, only too well, that they can be so naughty that they’re quite distracting – and that’s putting it politely! So you may be forgiven if you have chosen not to have the youngest children at your wedding. However, if […]

Bride and bridesmaids in WED2B dresses

The Lowdown On Bridesmaids! Part One: How Many?

One of the first decisions that you make after becoming engaged is to choose your bridesmaids, but while choosing bridesmaids can be a straightforward decision, it can also be a nightmare! You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, of course, but you do want to have bridesmaids who are going to be a help rather […]

Your flower girl

Once upon a time, when the Romans ruled Britain, young girls carried wheat sheaves at a wedding, as it was believed that they would bring prosperity, health and happiness to the couple. Later on in the annals of history, they carried garlic to ward off the evil spirits – thank goodness they gave up that […]