The Edit: Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

The top colour trend of summer 2017 is pink, pink and more pink, with every hue from bubblegum to fuchsia gracing the catwalks. It may be having a major fashion resurrgence but quite frankly we’ve always loved it! Pink is the perfect bridesmaid shade for weddings throughout the year; whether you go for soft pastels or brilliant brights. […]

The Edit: Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

We can’t get enough of this year’s trend for blue bridesmaid dresses in their many glorious hues. It’s the perfect colour theme to suit every season. Cool fresh blues look dreamy under summer skies while deep sapphire tones, and sparkles of silver are divine for winter. Why just pick one shade when you can mix ’n’ match? Let […]

Introducing… Our brand new Infinite bridesmaid dresses

Mix and match your bridesmaid dresses from the Infinite Collection and create your very own unique look. Complementary colour trends  First and foremost, every design has been carefully chosen to work perfectly together in our brand new bridesmaid dresses collection. Visit one of our bridal shops nationwide to view and try on samples of our new […]

bride and bridesmaid with bouquets

The Lowdown On Bridesmaids! Part Five- Saying Thanks.

After all the preparations for your wedding are underway, there remains only one thing left to do: express your thanks to the many people who have helped to make your day so amazing! Of course, some of the major players are your bridesmaids. How you say thank you to them depends on your budget, and […]

bride getting ready on wedding day

The Lowdown On Bridesmaids! Part Four- The Duties!

It may be that your bridesmaids have done it before – however, if this is the first time, then you both want some guidance as to what is expected. Once upon a time, bridesmaids dressed like the bride in order to confuse any demons lurking around who wanted to cause havoc, but nowadays they can […]

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The Lowdown On Bridesmaids! Part Three – Popping The Question!

Asking your best friend to be your bridesmaid doesn’t really sound like a big deal, and nor does it have to be, but how about doing it in a way that is going to be really special and memorable? With a little ingenuity, you can make a special request into a sentimental keepsake. Maybe you […]

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The Lowdown On Bridesmaids! Part Two: Who?

It may be perfectly obvious who you are going to choose to accompany you on your big day – or, it might be a very difficult decision. Who to choose, and who’s feelings could be hurt? Sometimes, it’s not just the girl in question who you might risk offending. Other family members may believe that […]

Angelic Flower Girls

If you have the opportunity, having a little flower girl at your wedding is the perfect way to add a cute factor to your bridal procession. It’s the perfect way to include your younger relatives or close friends’ children into your day, in a totally adorable way! Flower girls are generally aged between four and […]

Child-Free or Child-Friendly?

There’s no denying it, the issue of children at weddings is a controversial one. Your day is always going to cause issue, whatever you decide to do, but remember that it’s your day first and foremost, so whatever you and your future husband decide to do should make you happy. If you decide you want […]

Bridesmaid Tattoo

A cover up job?

Body art can be a really big issue – some people love it, some hate it, and while some brides don’t mind, others just don’t want their bridesmaid’s latest tattoos sprawled across their wedding photos. It never used to be such a dilemma, but today many girls have varying degrees of tattoos and it is […]