Real Weddings Liverpool: Ronny and Martyn’s dream day just for two

Amazing shoes, a dream dress and an intimate ceremony were just right for Ronny and Martyn’s big day. Our WED2B Real Weddings Liverpool feature reveals more: Ronny and Martyn met online but after an intense few weeks of chatting Martyn decided he wasn’t ready for a relationship. “It didn’t take him long to miss me […]

Real Weddings London: Rhea and Brad’s sunny celebration

Vintage styling and sunny weather made this couple’s day absolutely perfect. Our WED2B Real Weddings London feature reveals more: Rhea and Brad went to the same school but didn’t actually meet until after they left. “We must have walked past each other so many times,” says Rhea. “ A mutual friend finally introduced us and […]

Real Weddings York: Rustic revelry in the Yorkshire countryside

After a lucky meeting online this couple’s wedding was full of dancing, drinking and twinkling lights. Our WED2B Real Weddings York feature reveals more: A simple smile… Ben and Aimee met online, although it very nearly didn’t happen. “A friend made me join up but it really wasn’t my thing,” says Aimee. “However, I was […]

Real Weddings North East: Cheryl and Steven’s unique luxury Chateau

A pretty chateau, a dream dress and lots of dancing were the key ingredients for this couple’s big day. Our WED2B Real Weddings North East feature reveals more: Romance was definitely in the air when Cheryl and Steven met on Valentine’s Day. “We met in a pub,” says Cheryl. “It was a fancy dress night […]

Real Weddings Somerset: Katie and Neil’s fabulous fairy tale

Floating candles, fairy flower girls and Tinker Bell shoes were the order of the day at this fantastical reception. Our WED2B Real Weddings Somerset feature reveals more: Katie and Neil first met when they were both 17 but it was a little while before they got engaged. “Twelve years later, two children, a dog and […]

Real Weddings Solihull: Matthew and Natalie’s Country wedding

Fun and games were the order of the day at this couple’s wedding. Our WED2B Real Weddings Solihull feature reveals more: Natalie and Matt have been together since they were teenagers. “We always knew we were going to get married,” smiles Natalie. After asking Natalie’s mum for her blessing, Matt took Natalie to the place […]

Real Weddings Cambridge: Helen and Christian’s heavenly house party

A beautiful house set the scene for this couple’s big day. Our WED2B Real Weddings Cambridge feature reveals more: Helen and Christian first met through their work in film and television production. “It was my very first day in the professional world after graduation and Christian showed me to my computer,” says Helen. “Our first […]

Real Weddings Florida: Kim and Ben’s dream day at Disney World

This couple’s big day was a fairytale come true for them and their young children. Our WED2B Real Weddings Florida feature reveals more: Kim and Ben first met in 2009 when Kim was on a hen weekend in Bristol. Six years later Ben made sure that his proposal was extra special. “Ben proposed at Christmas […]

Real Wedding Essex: Amy and Ryan’s twilight wedding

An evening do decorated with sparkling trees was the perfect reception for this happy couple. Our WED2B Real Wedding Essex feature reveals more: Amy and Ryan were introduced by their best friends, who had been hinting for a while that they should meet. “We texted for a few days before Ryan asked me out for […]

Real Weddings Rotherham: Rebecca and Gary’s fun-filled day

As manager of the Rotherham WED2B bridal store, Rebecca knew exactly what she wanted for her big day. Our WED2B real weddings feature reveals more: When it came to proposing to her boyfriend Gary, Rebecca decided to take advantage of it being a leap year. “We were in bed and it was very early, as […]