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  1. Accessories – Faux Fur Wraps

    Accessories – Faux Fur Wraps
    What could be better than a winter wonderland wedding? At first thought winter might seem a dull, cold and dreary season, but you would be wrong! Often the days can be crisp and bright. Frost on the windowpanes and cosy log fires bring a touch of magic, and the photos can look amazing against a backdrop of decorations like pine...

  2. Accessories – Tiaras

    Accessories – Tiaras
    If you've decided to go for a tiara, you may well be tempted by the large range available, without stopping to consider just what it is about a tiara that makes them such a stunning addition to your dress. There is such a variety of beautiful tiaras - some dripping with diamonds, or sparkling with beads, whilst others are simple...

  3. Choosing A Veil

    Choosing A Veil
    Most little girls have played at dress-up, and imagined themselves as a bride, and the finishing touch to their beautiful outfit was always a veil….if you can call your mother’s tea-towel or tablecloth by such a grand name! The long dress - your mother’s nightdress - tripped you up, the shoes you borrowed were far too big, and the tea-towel...

  4. Wedding rings

    Wedding rings
    The ancient Egyptians first recognised the symbolic significance of a circle as standing for eternity. It had no beginning and no end, and as such the Romans then adopted it as a ring to symbolise the promise to be married. The Egyptians also believed there to be a vein that led directly from the heart to the top of the...

  5. The Classic Strapless Gown

    The Classic Strapless Gown
    The classic strapless wedding gown remains one of the most popular styles, chosen by brides for decades thanks to its elegance and flattering cut. A strapless neckline can suit many different shapes and sizes of bride, so it's a good option if you've tried a few different styles and aren't sure about them. Exclusive to WED2B - VIVA BRIDE...

  6. Wedding Toasts

    Wedding Toasts
    The wedding speeches are an important part of the wedding day and something that everyone looks forward to, so it's understandable that those giving them feel a certain amount of pressure to put on a good show. When it comes to giving the toasts, many people will want to make one that is heartfelt, witty or gives the bride and...

  7. A gift with a difference

    A gift with a difference
    Today, in many cases, it is difficult finding a gift that is going to be appreciated and a little different. For one thing, the couple already have a home and it seems to be well equipped and they don’t really need anything. Secondly, there is no gift list included with the invitation and you are at a loss, what do...

  8. The guest list

    The guest list
    There are few things that cause friction as much as the guest list! Several factors dictate the length of the guest list, the first one being the number of guest that the venue can accommodate. If the place where you are holding the ceremony and the reception venue are small that will more or less decide the number that you...

  9. Different Styles at Anna Sorrano

    Different Styles at Anna Sorrano
    With so many wedding dress styles to choose from these days, it’s easy to get confused about what style of wedding dress you’re after. Not only are the gowns in the Anna Sorrano collection unique and stylish, they’re also affordable. All gowns in the Anna Sorrano collection are priced from £399, meaning that every bride can now have the dress...

  10. High & Low Vintage Necklines

    High & Low Vintage Necklines
    When choosing their dream dress, most prospective brides have a basic idea of what they’re after. Whether it’s long or short, bold or simple, they have a set idea of what they’re after. But more often than not, the neckline of a dress is overlooked, even though it can make a big difference to the bride’s final look on her...

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