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  1. 10 unique and fun ideas for your wedding reception entertainment

    10 unique and fun ideas for your wedding reception entertainment
    So, you’ve got the groom, the venue and, of course, your dream WED2B dress. All you need now is to make sure everyone has fun on the big day, including you! The reception is probably the part your guests are most looking forward to - who doesn't want to eat, drink and dance? And the best wedding reception entertainment includes...

  2. Wonderland: Winter Wedding Ideas

    Wonderland: Winter Wedding Ideas
    Planning a winter wedding? Here's our guide full of advice and winter wedding ideas to make your celebration a magical wonderland to remember. When we asked our brides-to-be what season they were getting married in* an equal 23% had booked spring or autumn, 43% choose summer, while 11% were having a winter wedding. So, if you're part of the select...

  3. Our Autumn wedding ideas

    Our Autumn wedding ideas
    Autumn is a great time of the year to get married. The colours of the season are vibrant, with deep and luxurious russet tones of yellow, green, orange and gold. Read on for our autumn wedding ideas for your seasonal celebration! Colour and Contrast Our real bride Lauren featured rich and bright colours in her flowers and beautiful warm plum...

  4. Keep The Vicar Happy With Petal Confetti!

    Keep The Vicar Happy With Petal Confetti!
    If the venue you have selected doesn't allow you to throw paper confetti, have you considered using a natural alternative? It’s worth asking if they will allow real flower petals. Having seen the sorry mess that some confetti leaves on the ground, squiggling into otherwise beautiful settings and leaving soggy mounds on the carefully mown grass, it is understandable that...

  5. A Winter Wonderland Wedding

    A Winter Wonderland Wedding
    There are many reasons why you might choose a winter wedding. Maybe you're trying to keep costs down by using venues out of season, it's the only time that is available in your hectic schedule, or simply because that's the time of year you want to get married! The trouble is, winter days can be dreary and dismal. How do...

  6. Al-Fresco Wedding Breakfasts

    Al-Fresco Wedding Breakfasts
    If you're having a summer wedding or a wedding someone warm abroad, why not think about having your wedding breakfast outdoors? There's something magical about eating outdoors, that lift's everyone's mood and makes an event that much more special and Al-Fresco dining with beautiful wooden dining chairs and tables, and simple decor is definitely on-trend. An outdoor meal also works...

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